Anatomy & Physiology CP

  • Anatomy and Physiology explores the systems comprising the human body by emphasizing physiological mechanisms and a thorough understanding of how anatomical structure fits function to provide an integrated view of the human body.

    Through classroom lecture and discussions, text readings, laboratory exercises, examinations, student research and deliberation of health issues, students envision and appreciate the inner workings of the human body. 

    This is a rigorous third-year science course, recommended for those students pursuing a college major in the biological sciences or health care field. This course will serve as the third year science course for students who are in our Health Pathway. 

    This course has a substantial laboratory component, including dissecting of a fetal pig and a sheep brain. This course covers all eleven systems of the human body in depth. Case studies, including diseases specific to individual body systems, genetic disorders, and current health related issues are key to integrating knowledge through application.