Other policies

  • Materials:

    Spiral notebook- Any Notebook will be accepted. Note-book should only be used for this class.

    Pens - blue, black and at least 2 other colors (red, green, etc.)

    Pencils - at least 2

    Hand Sharpener- pencil sharpener with case for shavings

    Lead - if using a lead pencil

    Colored pencils- at least a box of 8

    Dry erase marker


    Glue stick &/or tape

    Ruler – 12 inches with centimeter marks



    Academic Integrity and Behavior:

    Students whose behavior is inappropriate and or unsafe at any time will be denied lab privileges until they exhibit the maturity to conduct themselves appropriately in the lab.


    All students are expected to complete their own assignments!!!

    Academic integrity means letting a classmate or friend do his or her own work, period!  This may become confusing when someone asks for help in understanding a problem or when students are working in a group.  When helping someone with a problem, it is acceptable to guide them in finding a solution by telling them to look at a certain page in the book, or to use a certain equation, or to help them reason out an answer. It is not acceptable for one student to allow another to copy a paper or receive answers word for word. Allowing another student to copy answers is cheating and will result in a zero for both students!


    When students are working in a group, each student is responsible for his or her own understanding and written response.  Identical or almost identical written responses among the group are not acceptable. When a group is conducting a laboratory activity and collecting data, the data is shared and therefore will be the same, but the analysis and conclusion that result from that data must be written in each student’s own words, and each group member must record his or her own data during the lab. All computer-generated lab reports or components must be made by each individual student, copies for group members will result in zeros for all group members with identical report components.


    Each student must originate their own written work! No exceptions!

    Any violations of these rules will result in a zero for the assignment and discipline according to BUHS policies.



    Course Policies:



    Students are responsible for all assignments (classwork and homework) missed while absent. It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher regarding these assignments, before school, during tutorial, or after school.  The assignments that a student misses are due the class period following the student’s return.  Students have one calendar day to make up work from each class missed. Missed assignments are expected to be completed outside of class.  Missed labs may be replaced by an alternate non-lab assignment.

    If students do not complete on time assignments missed due to absences, they will receive no credit for these assignments.



    Students are required to be in their seat when the bell rings (not running through the door).  Students not in their seat will receive a tardy, as per school tardy policies.



    Labs will be conducted in this course on a regular basis. Labs are an important component in learning course concepts.  In order to participate in labs, students must score at least a 90% on the lab safety test. If this test is not passed with a 90% after the third try, when labs are taking place in class, students will be assigned an alternative assignment. Students must study for the lab safety test and take it seriously.


    The teacher’s first concern is the safety of all people in the classroom.  Lab privileges will be denied to students whose behavior risks their safety and/or that of other people.  Lab privileges will also be denied to students who are engaged in horseplay, whose behavior risks property damage, or who do not adhere to the teacher’s instructions for the lab.


    Students are only to discuss materials related to the lab during lab, talking to other groups or being off task will result in the loss of lab privileges.   If students have questions, they are to signal the teacher as instructed.  If a student loses lab privileges for that day, students will be required to complete the alternative non-lab assignment. 



    Homework will be assigned weekly. Students who come to class without their homework completed will be denied lab privileges (unless an excused absence has occurred). Students will not receive any credit for late homework, but will be expected to complete the assignment, and will be responsible for the content covered by the homework. Late work will not be accepted.   


    Make-Up Work/Test Procedures With an Excused Absence



    Students who are absent one day will take previously announced quizzes and test and hand in previously assigned work the day they return to class.  Assignment made and/or quizzes given in their absence should be made up within one class period of returning to the missed class. 


    Students who are absent for multiple days are afforded one class day of makeup for each class missed, up to a maximum of three class meetings.  The student is responsible for conferring with the teacher to arrange a make-up schedule.  Again, work previously assigned is due the day of the student’s return.


    A student who checks-in late to class and/or leaves early is required to hand in work and make up quizzes/test on that day.  Examples:  student activities, medical appointments, etc…




    Students are allowed four (4) passes for the entire semester, these passes include use of the restroom and any other reason that the student may need to leave the classroom.  No additional passes will be given once these are used. Unused passes may be accepted for extra credit.


    Teacher Materials:

    All material, supplies, equipment, animals, or anything that is not the student’s is off limits unless the teacher gives specific instructions for its use.  If the student needs or wants something, teacher permission must be obtained. Students are not to be in any cupboards or drawers in the classroom without the teacher’s permission. Students are to stay away from the teachers’ desk and other teacher work areas. 


    Retaking test policy


    Students can retake any test in which they score a D or lower. Students can earn a maximum of 10 percentage points higher than the original score, or earn a 75% of the overall test score; Whatever is higher.

    The redo test will not exceed 79%. Students must come during tutorial to retake a test.