Rules and Classroom Management

  • School  and Classroom Rules:


    School rules and policies will be upheld at all times. Students should not ask for exceptions as they will not be granted.


    -          Be in your seat, ready to learn, when the tardy bell rings.

    -          Contribute to the flow and continuity of classroom learning; therefore avoid any disruptions.

    -          The following actions might interfere with that continuity; Speaking out of turn, Leaving your seat to sharpen a, pencil or toss trash, Communicating silently with others across the room, Personal grooming, interruptions when others are speaking, Use of electronic devices.

    -          Respect boundaries, property, your classmates and any adults present in the class.

    -          Be engaged in productive classroom activities at all times. -Stay on Task.

    -          Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want them to treat you


    Mr. Padilla’s Classroom Management Plan


    Step I: First offense/ violation – Verbal warning or gesture. Teacher will display a yellow card to student.

    Step II: Second offense/ violation – Teacher will display a red card to student. Notify parent via letter. Temporarily send student to designated area (penalty box). Student-teacher conference. 

    Step III: Third offense/ violation - Student will be assigned two hours detention. Contact parent and/or schedule a parent conference. Subject to penalty box time. A second Red card will be issued.  

    Step IV: Fourth offense/ violation - Referral to the discipline office.


    Notes about policy
    Offenses above level 1 will be treated with immediately with a referral.

    -          Students sent to penalty box are subject to stay there for a minimum of two class periods and until parent contact has been established.

    -          All offenses will accumulate over a Four-week period (10 class sessions).

    -          After four-week period has expired. Yellow card offenses will be erased, but students who earned a red card will be placed on step II on their next violation.

    -          Students on step III will remain on that step for the remainder of the year.

    -          All policies and applications subject to teacher discretion and change.


    Detention Policy

    -          Students are subject to one-hour detention starting on the second offense committed during a semester regardless of when the offense occurs.

    -          Two-hours detention after 3rd offense during a semester.

    -          Two-hour detention plus penalty box time after 4th offense.

    -          Detention will be issued only when classroom management plan does not apply.

    -          All policies and applications subject to teacher discretion and change.


    Penalty Box Policy (student Isolation Area)

    -          Students tardy to class and those who are not prepared for class (paper & writing utensil) are subject to being placed in the penalty box.

    -          Students who miss two consecutive classes subject to being placed in penalty box.

    -          Students who attend less than 80% of class sessions during a semester, or month at any given point during the semester are subject to being placed in the penalty box until attendance is improved (3-5 consecutive classes attended. 

    -          All policies and applications subject to teacher discretion and change.